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  1. AWESOME, Mike!! I agree... best site on the net with a great bunch of peeps!!
  2. Very nice ride, Tony... Good job.. I think I may miss the little brother to yours that has been my best friend for the past 11 years.. But on to bigger and better... The two foot itis has gotten the best of me... LOL
  3. Hmmm.... I think I figured out why I like the bullet nose... Reminds me of something else I like... Here's an idea for naming the weights.. Use cup sizes.. for instance the 15 pounder could be DD.... Double deep!!! ;-) Do they make the plastic coat in flesh tone??? I think I need a pair of these!!! :-) ugh... I need to get out fishing SOON!!!! LOL
  4. That link didn't work... Try this one http://www.windpowerengineering.com/construction/steel-winds-ii-expansion-complete/
  5. I agree, Don.. I like it a lot! Personally, I'm not a big fan of pancake weights. The tail gets bent too easy then they don't track well, Bill gets Po'd at the numerous tangles before figuring out they are bent, then when Bill figures out the problem, Bill throws pancake weight overboard!! LMAO Noooo... That's never happened... Not even with a chrome shark that wouldn't run true.....
  6. Wow... That must be a real bear to thread the mono through!! Knock on wood (^ *hits head*) I have never had a single Willis knot fail on me. And since switching to a palomar knot on all my terminal tackle, not one failure there either..
  7. Way to go!! Nothing better than the look on a kids face the first time they tie into a good salmon or steelie!! Thank you sir, for taking the time to take the boys out!!!
  8. If they come with them, I leave em on and if they don't, I don't worry about it..
  9. AWESOME job and video, Bill!! Coastal is lookin sweet!!
  10. Nice job, Kevin!!! Cannot wait to get out!! I'm SO chompin at the bit!! LOL Way to go!!
  11. Same here, Dan!! LOL John, if you ever want to come up to Manistee I'm sure we can work something out to find ya a seat!! That way you can at least learn what NOT to do!!
  12. That's awesome, Tom!! Happy Easter!
  13. WELCOME Bill! Watch the weather, pick your days, and you'll be fine!! About 15 years ago, a buddy of mine and I was taking his 14 foot rowboat with my 5 1/2 hp Evinrude out of South Haven 3-4 miles chasing Captain Chucks perch boats. Took forever to get out and back in but we were slammin the jumbos!! Good times!!
  14. Good job Richard!! Only thing going in my smoker today is the Easter ham.... :-( Cannot wait to get out!!!
  15. Hi Anthony, Welcome!! The willis knot is awesome for tying leadcore to backing and your leader! It's the only knot I use and NEVER (knock on wood) had one fail.. As far as the spoons go, I use a GOOD ball bearing snap swivel to attach my spoons. One of the things I look for in a snap is a good, gradual, round bend in the end of the snap. Too tight and I feel that may impede action a little. Sampo and Dreamweaver snaps are the best IMHO. I cannot emphasize this next statement enough.. Make sure the snaps are a coastlock or similiar locking snap. The cheaper snaps with just the tab lock WILL straighten out on a good fish. I hope this helps ya. Any other questions, feel free to fire away!!
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