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  1. its nice to hear that they have some common sense, you don't see that much with any government agency
  2. check your fuel filters, at higher rpms you are going through a lot more fuel than at low rpms. I have seen the same the same thing you are talking about several times and almost always its dirty filters. if you have a oil like type filter cut it open with a hack saw and you will be surprised how black they are, i have done that with many car filters and the same thing black inside.
  3. Do you find one color works better than another ?
  4. how far was the lure from the camera ? and did you attach the camera to the ball or is it tied in line ?
  5. will this be like the big king from last weekend where you can drive your cooler by car to the weigh in , or drop it off first.
  6. just wanted to say thanks for the time and effort put in to make this happen, we could not get the fish to work with us today but i liked the tournament. we will be next year if you do it again.
  7. I agree with the above, the area is known for nets and im always watching for them., but these are are not marked I think there floating. A few years back I talked to one of the owners that was putting nets out and he told me that the the net it self could only be up 40' from the bottom. So that's why I think there floating because I was not down deep enough to hit them if they were a set right
  8. I went out this morning with my sons to do some fishing, my oldest son was home from the merchant marine for a short time so I took the day off work and off we went. Had a double header in 95 fow and took a couple of nice kings, we were straight out of the harbor heading west when we took another hit in about 125 fow with a lot of fish on the screen, then another line hit , my sons are reeling the rods in and I'm driving. Then another rod went off I thought a triple great, I grab the rod and that's when my son said somethings wrong look at the rigger. the cable was straight out the back and before I could do anything another rigger was doing the same thing. My sons had more sense then me to put the rods with fish on down and start pulling up gear while I took the boat out of gear. before I could get some wire cutters out to cut the lines and lose my riggers they both snapped the cable. Luck would have it I only lost two cannon balls, thanks to my sons being on it we got all the lures up just lost the cannon balls and still landed one of the fish. The nets were not marked and one of the riggers was only 60 down. the coordinates for the net locations are N 4313,122 W 8626,132 I will contact the DNR in the morning with the coordinates. Good Luck, and Safe Fishing
  9. I have blue diamond and one of the other blt rods. The blt has goodd back bone but yet a soft tip and i love it. I have never had the wire get caught in between the rollers or any problems. I bought a 10' talora this year from anglers ave at the sport show in G.R. for 200.00 wich is a great price for a 10 footer. i just always wanted to try one and for the price i bought it. the blue diamond just does not have any back bone to it , not like the blt does. just my .02
  10. I was in a canoe last week and I had to get out and walk to try to go up the south branch from Muskegon lake . it was about 2" deep
  11. went out this morning, I started in 70fow worked out to 120fow did the best in 60 to 80. no one lure was hot for me it was a little bit of everything, 11" white paddle, blue and white spin doctor, greens. caught fish on riggers and dipsys early then later in the morning copper and lead core. worked best. also caught fish on spoons. it was most like catch a fish and change that lure to something different because it would not go again. end 9 for 12 all kings.
  12. Mike I would love to be a field tester
  13. Thanks for the imput and great Iidea about trying it first.
  14. Frank, I was wondering what model toughbook do you have? after reading this thread Im thinking of doing the same set up but there are so many tough books to choose from.
  15. I have a twin engine and went through the same problems with each engine at different times. What I found was I had rubber hose for pick up tubes wich the ethenaol ate through and had a hole in the pick up tube but just enough suction to run at low RPMS, but at higher Rpms I was not getting enough fuel to run. So the engine would go up and down in rpms. Then I had a bunch of rubber in my tank that was picking up in the fuel filters. Shortly after changeing out the pick up lines to copper the problem started again. After rebuilding and cleaning the carb and a tune up wich did not help. The fuel pump I check the PSI out put and it was close about 2lbs from what it should be, I thought it was ok it was still in range but on the low end. Could not find anything wrong so I spent the money and put a new fuel pump in problem solved. Also make sure you check all your filters also the little in the carb, I have seen that be the problem on many boats its the one many people do not know is there. Hope this helps
  16. Sorry for the late report, first time out this year was friday, had some stringer problems. Friday A.M went 9 for 14. all kings largeest was 22lbs small was 12lbs 11" pearl fish scale paddel with a rubber proofster fly was hot it took 5 or 6 hits. fish were comeing on just about everthing we put down,spoons ,spin doctors. Fished north around the nets 75 to 85 fow of water was were we caught all of our fish right off the bottom. all on riggers and dipsys. Never took a hit on copper or core. Sunday was not as good went 4 for 6.2 kings 14lb and 12lb, 1 coho, 1 steel head 8lbs. started about 6:30 am went in about 9:30 am. again pear paddle with rubber proofster was the best, blue dolphin spoon, and another paddle wich I do not remember wich one took fish. took fish north frim 85 fow to 50 fow. the best was 75 to 85. I had one of the church tx 44 boards out with a spoon on it with 300 45lb copper and after an hour it had just a couple slight pulls on the drag. the board was tracking fine no more pulls on the drag just enough drag to keep from pulling out more line. Passed it off to a quick hit by a fish or a large wave. Wrong when we figured it was time to change it out because it was not doing anything we reeled in a half dead 14lb king that was being drug around for a good hour. Those boards will pull a cannon ball to the outside I think.
  17. They have docks, shore power and water and a camp ground on site. I have not been there in a while, I was a member for a long time so that is how I know. They are what I would call a working mans club. Not super pricey you have a nice size section of grass in front of your boat, its a nice place the only reason I left the club is the company I work for has a marina on the lake as well so I bought my dock there. They also have an ice machine there as well and showers.
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