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  1. i manage a storage facility in muskegon and deal with all of these companys named. muskegon awning will give you your best product for the highest price. so be prepared to bend over if you go that way. my preferance for myself and my customeres is kings canvas out of spring lake and he will travel to you! he does very nice work and i havent had any complaints yet. considering i have prolly 40-50 thousand in cavas work done a season i think thats pretty good and tell bob i sent you and hell give you a deal. any questions give me a mesage
  2. thats the pump for the dredge its schedeuled to start on monday and last a month and a half.
  3. i do please call my cell and i can get you in asap the number is 2315789129
  4. sold thanks for all the interest and glf for having such a great site
  5. Pictures shown are not actual rod holders but are identical in kind. These are slighty used and are 100% operational. If needed i can post actual picture if the units. these list for $122 on big jon site will sell for $50 a piece please reply with any questions or comments
  6. after the kid let you in you still had time to fish i am impressed
  7. 650 for the pair plus shipping.. can pickup if needed they can be either in muskegon or down south with glf. if intersted lmk
  8. As you can see it has the turnable base and a 4 in riser platform
  9. i Went to load the pics this morning and forgot that i stuck the cam in my kids bag when we left this morning i will have to post first thing in the morning tommorrow
  10. We are located in muskegon. If interested please contact me for available rates. http://www.waterfrontstorage.com/
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