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  1. The sonar works fine, and I bought a Magellan combination road/marine unit with the North lakes software, so I really do not need the GPS however my problem is how do I disable the GPS module so I do not get all the warning messages and alarms? I contacted Lowrance about 5 or 6 years ago inquiring about an upgrade, and the response was "sure, we have one, 650.00"...I said "I can buy a new one for that" and the response was...That IS our upgrade. I live about 200 mi. from Superior, and if I can get up there 4 times a season I feel lucky. To try to get $650.00 out of the wifes grocery money for something that is used 4 or 5 times a year? So much for that! Do the LGC-1 Antenna modules go bad? Thanks bser64
  2. Kids are grown and gone, Wife don't like to boat...So I downsized from a `94 2858 bayliner to a 221 starcraft with a merc I/o. I didn't know it at the time but both boats were manufactured by the same company. Both have (had) the same problem. The edges on the marine plywood used on both boats have a plastic trim, and all of them shrink ~ both in the cabin and on the exterior ~ to the point where I cannot use the covers for the batteries. E-mails to both Brunswick and Starcraft go unanswered, I am not looking for warranty or compensation but rather a source for repair parts or a better replacement. Has anybody else incurred this problem ?
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