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Great day again! Starting fishing at 9 off at 1, was a little bumpy to start then calmed then got rough and rained. Most of our fish came in the rain though. 12-16 or 17 with 3 or 4 more knock offs, 5 walleye (or pickeral, eh), 2 sheep and 2 whites. 58 fow SE of harbor. Nothing huge, speed was I dunno b/c of the waves, SE troll was best for us. Anything copper back with a bright front, Monkey puke, Rays Razberry Dolphin and Tangerine were hot. Could have caught more I'm sure but we only had to full limits and a conservation to get, plus it was 3-5's by the time we were going in. Bait fish was unreal the whole time we were there, bait from 40 feet on up to almost the surface. Fun time, my best bud and I took my dads best friend and his son. Us 4 had a blast. The 10 year old did solid reeling in a few steel and walleye. Braid dipsies 90 and 110 back on 3 set size 1, 55 and 65 back on mag dipsies on 1 setting. Riggers were could, not to mention my one cannonball is now at the bottom of the lake. Don't know what happened.



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