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hey guys, im new to this site and have been trying to find some fishing reports for Lake Huron (in particular the Goderich area) and have come up dry in all ventures. my dad and myself have been out on the lake 3 times in the last 2 weeks and all we have got is 1, 4 pound Rainbow.

we have been fishing in about 80 ft of water keeping the downriggers at roughly 60 using spoons and body baits and also planer boards.

if you guys have any insight or can steer me in the right direction without crossing the lake ;) that would be great, thanks a lot


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Welcome to the website Dusty. Unfortunately, there has not been any reports in this area in a long time. Part of the reason is because we do not have a lot of members from this area.

The site is growing daily. If a few reports were posted in this section, it may take off.

Water temps are a very important part of fishing on the Great Lakes. Chinook prefer cooler water temps. Look for temps in the 42-48F degree range. You will catch fish in temps up to 54F degrees, but this is not their preferred temp. Find the right water temps, and you will put fish in the boat.

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