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After to tough days of wind, I wondered how bad the lake flipped. Wow, did it! 55-62 degree water at surface! Burrrrrr!

Went straight out of pier head and set up in 140fow. Found a good angle and started southish. Lots of current and struggled all night to hold good line and speed. We went 8 for 11

5 Kings 3 coho

20lb, 14lb, 12lb, 10lb, 10lb

8lb, 6lb, 5lb

Didn't have any hits on 300 and 325 coppers. Did have 225 and 175 coppers go with white slick SD and KRW blue/Green HD fly and white crush UV SD with Pickled sunshine fly. Other Cobo came on starboard rigger with dancing anchovies spoon 60 back and 40 down.

Other rigger took 20lb king with 10' white slick SD and pickle meet rig. 70 feet down.

The rest of kings came on high diver with Megatron flasher and KRW riverside fly. Also custom flasher I made with white base moon jelly back and yellow green uv tape front with black dots. KRW green/blue HD fly.

Low diver with chrome SD and green ladder back and crush UV tape back (custom) I made and KRW riverside fly. Last light deep wire diver went with 8" white glow SD green fishscale tape and pickled sunshine meet rig 

Ran high divers around 150-160 back and low divers 80 to 100 back. Basically, fished between 40-70 feet down and between 1.9-2.3 mph at ball. 

I saw a lot of people in tight tonight. I stayed out in 130-150 fow for the most part. Thermocline looked to be around 52fow. 

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