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Port Sheldon 6/20/24 7:30-11:30 am

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It’s been 9 + weeks since I’ve been out fishing do to falling off my boat on the first time out this year. Caught 3 that day but putting boat back onto trailer I fell and broke 3 ribs which are still pretty sore. Enough of the pity party though.

Went out this morning with a big skunk to show for it. Ran 6 lines, 1 Downrigger with white paddle/fly, 1 copper 150,  1 copper 250, 1 wire diver , 1- 7 color and 1- 4 color. Used multiple colors and size spoons with no luck. 

Fished between 124 fow out to 155 fow. Ran north west 330 on compass, speed 2.0 to 2.4 at the ball. Found thermocline late in the day at 76 feet down in the 144 fow and it ran out 

to 155 fow marking fish above and below with some larger fish marking at 110 feet in the 152fow. Felt really good to be back on the water and to have a successful launch and retrieve.

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