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Just 3 for 3 at Cook plant . 2 browns, 1 coho.

Ran 8 lines: high line, 1C, 2C and mini dipsey on each side.

2 in bubbler on gold double orange crush mini spoon on Big Jon mini dipsey out 50’.

1 on 1 color w/jointed J11 bk/chtome/wh/gold Rapala trolling north, downhill, between Cook and Chalets.

At least a dozen boats down there and only saw 1 other net in the water.

Not sure where they went.

They could be in their other location this time of yr in 200’ eating invasive species Mysa shrimp. 200’ is about 13 miles out in SJ; around 7 miles inSourh Haven.

PS: NO more fishing in the bubbler until fall; buoy boat was deploying buoys.







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We were out near you yesterday too. Tried by cooks, water plant , alittle  north and south of piers …nothing. Mark a few here and there and that was it. Two other boats at the launch got zip. Back to erie for awhile.  Good job guys

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