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Hey guys I used to belong to another website where there was a ton of information about the bite on Lake Superior, but they decided to move it onto Facebook which I don't participate in, so I was done. I don't know how often you guys' fish up on the north shore, but we could try to get something going on here if you have time. It's very difficult to find info out there. We are going to try to spend a good amount of time up there this year. Just a thought. Tight lines.

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Hi Stan the Man, now that you mention that they went to Facebook. I do remember that now I was on the same website, dont do  FB either. The last 3 years I’ve had a lot of stuff going so I haven’t been up for a while but I plan on going up this spring and early summer as much as I can. I’ll post whatever I do, find, and see and post here on this thread. 🎣 Cheers to not a lot of east winds lol

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Sounds good Pete. I will do as well. I believe we are going to need some luck with the winds. It seems windy every day. Looking forward to getting out there. Hope to see you out there.

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