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Holland 9/22 late afternoon

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Fished from 3:30 to about 7:00pm on Friday.  Almost zero wind on the lake.  Port Sheldon buoy thermistors are spot on - had to get below 80' to find any cold water.  Settled in on working 190-220 FOW as we were getting consistent good size marks down 90-95' but I just could not get anything to bite the deep riggers, one set with a big paddle and a Brads Cut Plug and the stealth line set with a spoon or a J-plug.  The stealth rigger was 88-92' down in 50-52 degree water via Smart Troll.  The big paddle was slightly above that.  Ran N, S, E & W but it didn't make a difference.  Side divers were down 63' & 70' for most of the trip in that 68 degree water with orange and blue spoons looking for steelhead - no takers.  300 weighted steel down the middle with a silver J-plug saw no action as well.  Caught one small shaker king on the stealth rigger line when tipped with a holographic green dolphin spoon.  Coming in we found the same marks in 170-175 FOW.  Likely will go back out tonight but later in the evening and stay to dusk.

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