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Hey everyone sorry haven’t posted in awhile went out west for 3 weeks . Fished from 6:00 to 1:00 this morning and went 4-5. What worked . North troll ran 1.7 to 2.0 sog. Found a scum line around 10:00 am about 1-2 miles north of pier in 94 fow out to 100 fow and worked back and forth on a zigzag pattern across the scum line. Followed it till 1:00 and headed in for the day. Ran a six rod spread for the two of us, ran  two 5 color, 6 color 7 color 2 braid dispsys one with mag diver and 1 slide diver. What worked  Blue mirage fly  on mag braid diver 1 1/2 setting 83 ft back 15lbs king. Lemon ice mag spoon  2 fish on slide dipsey with 35 ft leader and set on 4 with 115 ft back, took 8 lb coho and 20lb king. Bloody nose mag spoon 5 color 8 lbs steelhead. Most of the bait and fish hung in the 20 ft to 40 ft down.

Warning: the channel going out of Muskegon lake and the  mouth of channel out to Lake Michigan were packed so tight with boats that I had a hard time getting out, if you plan on fishing in the mud go earlyyyyyy morning. Also there are 2 nets out both north of pier head. First one at 65 fow and 1 mile out and second at 95 fow about  2 miles from pier head.

Good luck everyone.


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