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Put lines down about 4:30PM in 130FOW just north of the harbor on a NW troll.  Same marks around 120' down on previous trips showed up and we put SW down in that area with Blue Tuxedo but no action to speak of.  Trolled a few passes around 140' to 170'FOW but no action and few marks.  Made it north to 42o 50' but no action.  Went out to 220 FOW but no action.  Picked up a few shakers along the way and did our best to let them grow big.  Shakers on the downriggers and long lines were a problem.  We stopped counting after releasing 9.  About 7:45 we took a small king on the UV Green Dolphin stud from previous outings and kept it for a Saturday dinner.  Clearing lines, swapping spoons and more shakers.  The boat was about latitude wise in front of the harbor as the sun went behind the storm front to the west and we turned east toward the harbor to get ready to pull lines as nothing was happening and the chop was picking up.  Both dipseys got hit right after the turn.  Unfortunately the rig on myside of the boat took off on a long run whereas Brian my gest got a much less of a hit.  Brian got his small king to the back of the boat and released, then netted the king I battled which came in at 17.5lbs.  (the increased 7' to 9' leader on my dipseys is clearly a challenge in netting fish).  He did a great job netting it but I wish he was on the rod instead of me.  We parked those two rods and pulled the remaining 4 and each had a shaker on it - from 30' to 90' down in the water column.  It was a battle to catch keeper fish while dragging shakers around all evening.  But on the upside - NO FLIES :).  Data is a bit week below.

# Time Fish FOW Latitude Troll Rod Bait Depth Bait
1 7:45 PM King 5lb 174 ? S Downrigger 41 Green Dolphin UV / MI Stinger
2 8:50 PM King 4lb 178 42o 47' 06" W Downrigger 50 Green Dolphin UV / MI Stinger
3 8:50 PM King 17.5lb 178 42o 47' 06" W Downrigger 50 Blue Dolphin / Pro King Foil

The big king - great hook set on the high dipsey.


Good hunting this weekend!


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