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for sale Match set of Michigan propellers 14 R 09 and 14 L 09

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I have a match set of 14 inch propellers which were put on the boat for 4 hours and found out they slow the boat down instead of increased the speed.  They are DJ 355 model and have a 1.0 inch pilot. Serial number is SN79401 for 14R09 with number M310982, Serial number for14L09 is79402 with number m310983.  They are both cup.  Don't have the original shipping boxes.  Price new they are $422.00 each.  I am asking for $525.00 total which will cover the shipping and insurance.20210702_094125.thumb.jpg.0e7ec95735e5aeef4b3ce618902db5d3.jpg20210702_094419.thumb.jpg.6d84a2eafd035a5f21f86eec3c59d4ac.jpg




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