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We fished from 6 to 10:30 from 160 to 210 fow and ended up 2 for 3 with a 14# and almost 27# king, all right around 190. Sorry if you're the boat we got awkwardly close to, the second king crossed three other lines and was causing a rats nest tangle so we had to click it in neutral. Here's what took the hits:


2-2 chartreuse musslehead meat rig behind a chartreuse atommik magnum paddle on a downrigger 90 ft down


0-1 fake news meat rig behind a mixed veggies spindoctor on 300 copper154659.thumb.jpeg.22dd7a440b2a0d6fcf4b89a364c2d91f.jpegPXL_20210601_135107800.thumb.jpeg.69559e5ee8a57ef1a63b0d4461534dff.jpegPXL_20210601_135408172.thumb.jpeg.12fbe800d69d8257c2755c8cde0b1e6d.jpeg


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