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BM river

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Fished thursday and friday on the BM.

I originally planned to fish some lower stretches on the river, but there was quite a few trailers at the lower launches so I decided to go up river where there were less trailers. Turned out to be a good idea. Not a ton of fish, but enough to keep me interested.  Probably spent too much time in one particular spot that had a nice pod of fish, but I think they were mostly stale. Thought some fresh ones would move in as it cooled off in the evening but didn't happen. Still had fun. Just probably shouldn't have spent so much time there and covered more water. I think the fresh ones are holding in the wood and undercut banks. 

Ended up with 2 males and 1 hen.. Lost a lot of other fish. River was perfect conditions. Loved the fog in the morning. 

The hen was a nice fresh coho. Kind of kicking myself in the butt, but I gave her away to a guy who was fishing with his son and watched me catching fish and wanted to know how I was catching them.. Explained how to care for the skeins. He'd never had fresh eggs to fish with before. So I showed him how to rig up and all that. Hoping they get some fish with them. Wish someone would have done that same for me years ago. Anyway I figured I would get another hen before my trip was done, but I didn't. Doh!

Oh well. I'm not short on eggs. Just really like the fresh stuff. I know his son was really excited about having fresh skein to fish with. They said they had been there 5 days and hadn't caught a single fish. 

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