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Lake St Clair 7-31-20

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Figured I would try one more time for some Walleyes over on Lake St Clair.. Theres not many in shore Walleye fisheries by me anymore. So I go over to Lake St Clair quite a bit. Rarely disappointed when I go. Other than the drive over from 275 to 696 and 94 sucks! 

This trip I caught a hole bunch of small Perch, but no Walleyes. Couple of the Perch were around 7 inches but most were about 4. Maybe 30 or more Perch? But nothing big enough to eat :(

I found this one particular spot on the edge of the channel where the deep water meets the shallow water. Very difficult to fish due to the big boats going in and out. But man there were a ton of fish there. I tried to stay on it but just too many big boats pushing 4 ft wakes. Not very relaxing for sure. 

Did catch a really large Small Mouth Bass. Probably the biggest smallie I've ever caught actually. And if I remember right the next largest one before that was also caught on Lk St Clair. This lake has to be one of the best Smallmouth Bass lakes in MI. 



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