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The GLSI wants to encourage all anglers to participate in Great Lakes fisheries research by turning in their micro tagged fish heads from fish with adipose fin clips.  The data from these wire tags is critical to evaluate the success of fish stocking programs.  Think about this; when micro tagged heads go down the grinder, you are in-directly telling the DNR that fish planting is a waste of effort and our license dollars.  When the DNR receives tagged heads for study that lets them know that stocking efforts are working and also how to make the best decision on when and where to stock fish so anglers benefit.   

Turning in micro tagged steelhead heads will be especially important.  The DNR is in the 3rd year of micro tagging 100% of steelhead plants. If anglers catch micro tagged steelhead, the DNR needs those heads to determine which steelhead plant locations were successful and to evaluate how many wild steelhead are being produced. If you get a steelhead with an adipose fin clip, save the head, freeze in a zip lock and fill out the form, place the form in a smaller zip lock to protect it and put it in with the head.   Below are links for more info, the return form for micro tagged heads and a link to all locations where you can turn them in. 

More info:   

Form for tagged heads:   

Locations to return tagged heads: 

The GLSI is very excited to sponsor a reward program for angler data collection(micro tagged heads) for the MDNR and Michigan Seagrant this year.  We will be funding reward prizes for anglers who participate in the MDNR coded wire tag program and Seagrant's predator prey research.  Both organizations need anglers help to collect data to better study and manage our fishery.   The GLSI has always advocated that our fishery be managed by the best available science and research.  We want a balanced fishery with Kings being dominant but we want that fishery to be in balance with the forage base so it remains healthy for generations to come. We want to encourage anglers to participate in collecting micro tagged heads and stomach contents so our fisheries biologists have a broad and robust data set to use in their research.  We are still working through the details but we will be providing $1000's to purchase a number of prizes and gift cards for this.  All anglers who turn in coded wire tagged salmon and steelhead heads will be entered into a drawing for some nice gear or gift cards.  The more you turn in, the more entries you will get.   As we work through the process with the MDNR and Seagrant, we will have more details on how to participate this spring.  

The GLSI we will be having our annual membership meeting in March 14th at 11:00AM at Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare Michigan   
We are also launching our 2020 membership drive. The GLSI has not held a formal membership drive since we formed and we have been very frugal with the resources provided by our members.  We are raising funds to expand the reward program to encourage angler participation in fisheries research.     

Here is a link:  
We hope to see you at the annual meeting March 14th at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare Michigan.  

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