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$800 For Set

Motors have been going through

New updated clutches


Big Jon Sports designed and built the "Brute ES" for the serious tournament fisherman. The "Brute ES" sealed motor will retrieve a 15 pound cannonball at 200 feet per minute and for those deep Kings, will retrieve cannonballs up to 25 pounds with ease. Now that will give you a competitive edge.

The "Brute ES" features a "Momentary Switch" that allows precise depth control. Loaded with handy features, the Brute ES has as standard equipment: dual Multi-Set rod holders with a butterfly plate***, and a locking, tip-up sectional boom.

The Multi-Set rod holders are so easy to use that you can adjust them to any of it's nine positions with just one hand!

The locking, tip-up boom makes setting lines safe and easy.Also included with your Brute ES: a 4 inch x 4 inch mounting plate, a footage counter, and 300 feet of stainless steel cable.






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