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Eagles and Muskies, Lake of the Woods, Canada

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Sharing a memory  from this year.

Its late September and Bob Holden and I are fishing in Canadian Esox's Musky Tournament. Bob is an accomplished multi species angler. Fishing was really difficult. We fished in fog and rain in the morning and a bluebird sky in the afternoon. You all know what this means. Its now late in the day and there is only enough time for one last troll. We were at Forest Island. Bob and I released our cranks. Bob had a white Jake made by Drifter Tackle.  I had Live Target's Sucker.  Both lures were released at the same time. Suddenly my crank went skyward and then Bob's was also overhead. We looked up. There was an eagle trying to get away with our lures attached. What to do ? We reeled it in. Bob put on his leather gloves and I found a paddle. At the boat the eagles wings beat like hammers across the stern. I placed the blade of the paddle between Bob and that great beak.  Upside down the bird began to quiet down. Bob carefully removed the cranks, one from each talon. The bird was let go and it half swam and half flew to Forest Island. There, it rested a bit and then flew up to perch (in disgust) on to the highest tree.  We continued our troll.

Wish we had a camera.



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