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My last trip for fall of 2018

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Well technically winter hasn't officially arrived yet, but I'm considering the fall season done. 

I went back to the lower Ausable Friday. The weather wasn't horrible, but the fishing sucked. Had one fish on for the whole day. I didn't bring my boat so probably shot myself in the foot for that. One of my favorite spots I used to fish it alot, but now the bank has caved in with a big tree in the way, and one of the property owners adjacent ran a fence all the way down into the water so no way to get around from the bank. I just know theres fish in the hole but its a boat only fishery now. 

Got to say, this years fall runs were pretty dismal. 

I suppose for Salmon it would be considered fair. I sort of thought, maybe I'm mistaken, but didn't the state cut Salmon and kept the Steelhead plants intact? Seems like there was more Salmon than Steelhead the entire fall season. From the Spring runs, Skamanias, and mix of fall runs, I just didn't get into the steelhead like I usually do. I'm kinda holding out hope that the conditions just weren't ever perfect and theres a whole bunch of Steelhead to trickle up the rivers all winter. But winter fishing is getting tough on me. I can't take it like I used to. I have a lot of circulation issues with my hands and I literally have trouble just holding my rod when it get below freezing. My hand around my thumb and index finger go numb quickly. I get clumsy and drop things. Have trouble tying knots. It's frustrating. I used to love winter. 

Anyway hope everyone else did better than I did this fall.

I'll be back out eventually. Maybe one more time before Christmas if I can find the time between work and family stuff, and the weather isn't completely atrocious.  

Good luck and Happy Holidays!!!


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