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Momentary Switch vs Autostop (Big Jon)

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I am in “research mode” preceding a $4k purchase of downriggers and a Fishhawk system.


I have a 2018 Lund Tyee with 30 trips on it. Great boat, caught a lot of salmon and trout, but I have named it the “Twisted Dipsy”. Tired of Dipsies! Ready to bite the bullet on downriggers and want to go with Big Jon.


I am wrestling between the Tournament Pro and the Brute ES and here is why. Big Jon has the autostop on the Tournament Pro. They have the “momentary switch” on the Brute. Both functionalities don’t come on one system.


Finally, my question is...which do you pros use more? The autostop? Or the momentary switch?


Unless I am misunderstanding the operation of both, you can only bring the Tournament Pro all the way up using auto stop. There is no adjusting (feathering) in the up direction.


The brute allows you to adjust depth in either direction, but you have to keep your finger on the button all the way up.


Please recommend a model and which functionality you use the most.


Thanks much.





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