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What's been up at the Great Lakes Salmon Initiative


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Here is some news from the GLSI and information on stocking proposals for Lk Michigan. There will a lot going on this winter concerning the future of the Lake Michigan fishery:

The MDNR completed the Michigan Management Plan, Lake Michigan Zonal Management and 2018/2019 stocking options for Lake Michigan.  These are available on line to review.

The GLSI has shown support for Zonal Management and this is why.  There is/has and will continue to be some controversy with the stocking proposals.  Zonal Management will end the DNR policy of just dumping in fingerlings all over the lake!  Zonal Management looks at certain ecological and habitat features,  socio, economics, survivability and return propensity of individual species.  It takes a hard look at improving all fisheries and long term future improvement of these fisheries.  Improving data collection and studies to possibly stock more of a species, movement of species for angler access and even reduction of a species based on returns.  This is responsible and prudent use of our license dollars. 

Draft of Lake Michigan Management Plan can be found:

A description of L. Michigan Zonal Management
http://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/LakeMichigan-ZonalManagement 605119 7.pdf

Stocking options:
http://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/LakeMi-StockingOptions-2018-2019 60455 7.pdf

On Wednesday 12/6/17 we spoke with Kevin Donner of the Little Traverse Bay Tribe.  I would like to thank him for his openness and direct comments and answers.  It was a real pleasure to talk with him and get an understanding of the Little Traverse Bay tribes insight into their fishery and how it relates to the general sport fishing industry and the difference that exists between tribes.  This brings up the importance of Zonal Management in our fishery.

The Little Traverse Bay Tribe is currently planting Cisco in Little Traverse Bay and studying the results of these plants and how this species relates to the fishery in the Traverse Bay area from a commercial and sport fishing aspect.  We discussed market value of cisco vs whitefish, diets, genetic lineage, invasive species, mussels, Lake trout among other subjects.

It is important that that both the Tribes and the GLSI have a clear understanding of each others interests and goals.  The tribes and sport anglers have a clear interest in utilizing the Great Lake waters and fisheries.  That being said with the 2020 Consent Decree coming up it is imperative that we can work together for the interests of both parties.  After negotiations are completed the fishermen from both parties are the ones that have to deal with results out on the water.  In the past this has created conflicts and prejudices that still weigh heavily in some waters.

Since rifle season is now over and anglers can start to pay attention to GLSI facebook publications we will be very active in the next 5 weeks.
1. Jay Wesley will be making decisions on fish plant numbers and locations
2. GLSI will be having a membership meeting open to the public discussing many topics that should interest everyone and we would like to get input from our members
3.Ludington Sea Grant Workshop that happens every year in January, on Saturday January 13th.  This is an extremely important meeting this year and everyone should make an effort to attend.  We will discuss this more in the next couple of weeks
4. We will be posting and discussing links to pdf's on many subjects from salmon, to prey species to cisco rehab
5. Fish movement and Lake Huron fisheries management 

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