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Ludington 8-25 & 26

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Ludington 8-25 & 26

Slow weekend.  We went south Friday off the project. Started in 90 feet of water working out to 150. We hit 2 fish and boxed one in the first  two hours. Then we took a long west troll out 10 miles and hit 3 fish the entire troll and did not land any. Fish came on a moonshine moonshine on a 200 copper. A dw super slim Carmel dolphin on a 225 copper. One hit on a raspberry MS carbon 14 on a rigger down 60.

On Saturday, we went north and set up shallow off the bathhouse in 30 ft of water. Nothing in there. We finally got a fish when we moved out to 100ft. We trolled north 3 miles of Big Sable Point and ended up 2 for 4.  Hit fish on a pearl spotted plug on a half core.  A MS green shorts on a rigger down 50 ft.  A yeck jerid on a 150 copper and a black slick spin doctor and pickled sunshine fly on a hi diver out 150. After all the action, we decided to sleep in on Sunday.

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