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Salmon Jim

Starcraft Transom

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I've done it on my 17' Lowe, and I used 2 sheets of marine plywood laminated together with West Systems epoxy and sealed completely with the same epoxy.  It will be  a $200-300 to do it.  A lot of older boats seem to have come "new" without sealed transom wood so anything  you do to protect the wood from getting water in it should significantly extend its life.

Also - check out the iboats Stracraft Owners forum.  They'll generally help you out with any questions.


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I raised the motor up a little higher a few years ago and this year I plan on replacing the transom on my 160ss. when I get around to the job I am planning on cutting the transom plywood 2.25" higher and making a custom trim cap so that water doesn't splash into the boat as easily when beached or out on the big lake.

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