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Trolling Fin/Skeg

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I posted this over in the modifications forum but I thought maybe it would help someone here.

I normally troll LSC for eyes through the summer. In the spring I troll up in Huron for lakers and salmon. 

In LSC, my iPilot/Minn kota 55 trolling motor is good for eyes at speeds less than 2mph, but for bigger fish up in Huron I have to use my rear motor and take it down to 3-3.5mph. Trouble is, using the rear motor I had to steer manually again and that's a huge pain when you fish alone. Until.. I saw a trolling fin/skeg someone had made and fastened to their trolling motor / iPilot combo last year, and I made a crude one to try it out. It worked great - with the rear motor moving me forward at 3-3.5mph, I straightened my steering wheel out, put my trolling motor in the water in the front with the iPilot active (with the prop off) - set a course - and let it steer for me. Super cool. Worked like a charm and I hauled in Lakers all day each time I went out.

In the fall, my father in law took my crude fin/skeg back home to Germany with him and he crafted a new aluminum one with more surface area and much more robust (pics below). I can't wait to get out there and try it. Just wanted to share in case anyone is thinking about doing this. If you have to use your rear motor and want to focus on fishing its the way to go. It works great.

3-14-2016 6-48-05 PM.jpg

3-14-2016 6-48-23 PM.jpg

3-14-2016 6-48-38 PM.jpg

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