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Planer board help


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Maybe I'm getting old, but seems I remember a post about modifying the off shore boards by adding a notebook ring binder to the anchor point, moving the lead weight forward and relocating a eye screw, also maybe mods on another brand.

Post was older and I thought I made it a favorite, evidently not.

Anybody remember the thread?






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I think the ring post is one of mine I use 1in split rings to extend the front arm length on several of my boards to increase the angle and change the front anchor point. Greg at BloodRun and I exchanged planer board ideas last spring and his mods are his mixture of what we came up with. In that we share several common ideas yet his and mine are still different maybe next spring we will do it again and see which setup works better. The real point for me is the eyeball test if your boards are running true in the water you need no mods. Many will tell you they have used this or that for years and there is no need for what we are doing the fact is however I have yet to find a board that runs correct out of the package. There is no one size fits all board which is why there are so many options out there. I have over 20 boards on my boat each has a purpose some are not friendly with others so I have to plan my spread or I can make a mess. Example I can run up to a 300 copper on any of my boards so if I am running a mostly Steelhead spread out deep I can put a 300 on anything but if I am running a deep spread then I need my higher lines to be in a different location which means a different board.

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Your probably right, I remembered the bending of the arm upward and adding the ring to help bring the board forward, it worked great when I run a lot of colors, (6-10) and long lines.

Like I mentioned, I thought I made the thread a favorite, but must have not.





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