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Fished 6:00 till 1:30 going 7-9 with 5 kings and 2 steelhead. Started out front in 50 fow with a glow plug progam..nothing. Worked our way west and switched up a few things finally a low diver back 145 with a blue crush Sd and blu moo meat rig starts screaming in 110 fow 16lb king we work that 110-115 pulling a small king on a 300 copper with a #3 pearl and black ladder back plug and a nice steelhead on a 8 color with a green splatterback ace hi. Then it shuts off we go a few hours with nothing till we hear from Doug on Floating Holiday that they have a few fish going by the North set of nets. As soon as we get out just south and west of the nets we go 4-6 in the next few hours in 118-135 fow taking a 13.5lb king on a low wire diver back 180 with a chrome killer SD and BW thruster buster meat rig, a 17lb king on a 8 color with a uv mixed veggies, 6lb steelhead on a chrome/blue flasher with a oceana mirage fly down 70 on a rigger, and a small king on a fixed slider 10ft above a rigger set at 70 with a Uv lemonberry. The 300 copper with a kato spoon goes twice, but spits the hook each time. W NW troll seemed to be the best. 2.5-2.8 at the ball. 48 degree water 85 down.

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