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4-4 today - got a good early start this morning - on the water by 5:45am - when we hit the open water - the water was bumpy with wind and waves coming from the WSW - so we headed straight into them until we hit 55 FOW - there were q few marks and some bait - so we set up to see what we could do. There were good marks and bait all the way out to about 75 FOW.

At 7:35 am had a good rip on the boom DR 65 down on a John King pearl white spoon - 12# king - he was good and brown!

About an hour later in 115 FOW - we took a hit on braided mad dipsy back 165' on 2 with blue SD and blue mirage fly - 8# steelie

within the hour - we took a hit on the same dipsy - 6# steelie

then we slid out to about 150 and circled out and back on the same line - with the wave - against the waves - and didn't take another hit.

started to pull lines as we trolled back towards harbor and the last rod - boom rigger down 65 in 60 FOW - I popped and as soon as I did I felt a great weight - but not much pull - yep - 16# laker on mag Moonshine purple nurple - that was at noon. The funny thing was that this laker had it's mouth WIDE OPEN - so it was like pulling in a sheet of plywood - it didn't run, just heavy weight - and I know it was not on the line that long - never seen that in 25 years of great lakes fishing - it was oddest thing - oh well - it make for a nice finish for the end of the day.

The water started to slowly pick up with bigger gusts - so I was glad we had a chance to get out.

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