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rookie sonar q's

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talked a buddy into buying a big lake fishing boat one month ago.

We're both new to the sport but learning fast. I play first mate/mechanic/roustabout.

We have GPS and 2 sonar units. 15yr old electronics or so. We constantly "mark" fish at various depths. It seems like too many echos to all be fish. Could it all be fish or is this a set up/adjustment issue or should we consider upgrading the units?

Not catchin much yet

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I think the settings on the fish finder are off. While some would say temp and or speed would take priority over a fishfinder I could not imagine fishing blind without one very often. Look at the thread on this site titled what's this all about

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First a warm :welcome: to the site.

I too have seen sonar units that just seem too fish happy. I fish with an old LMS 350 combo. I have a color Garmin next to it that seldom gets turned on. My old black and white seems to perform best for me with the sensitivity set @62% and the scroll rate fast. When I mark fish I'm usually catching them.

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