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Pump handle

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Standard pump handle is a variety of similar setups all based around a drop ball bounced off the bottom. My favorite is a 3 way swivel with a 12 to 18in long leader and a 1lb ball then a 5 ft leader back to the dodger and a spin n glow I run it off a wire line right down the chute. It can be very effective on Lake Trout.

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I've ran them with the 3 way swivel but recently switch to a planer board clip. How I set them up 6-8' mono leader clear snubbed and tie my braid to snubber let out 50' of line clip on your weight I typically run between 4 and 12oz weights let out however much line you want and attach my board.

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On ‎8‎/‎2‎/‎2015 at 10:24 PM, rehcuob said:

thanks for the reply. so its the old lake trout setup I ran 20 years ago. Guess somethings are still the same just a different name.:)

Exactly people just need a fancy name for a it now. As a kid 30 years ago my dad used to use the big jon dropper release that would drop the ball when a fish hit.


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