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Penn 320 gti copper capacity

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I have a penn 320 gti that I would like to run with 100' of 32# copper. Does anyone have this set up and if so, how much backing does it support with 100 copper? (Type, size)? I also have a penn 330 that I would like to convert from 10 color lead to copper, I've seen the blood run web site that has the 330 with 50 feet of copper. Has anyone run more than this on this reel or should I stick with 10 color lead on it?

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If you know the capacity of either reel in mono (usually can find on the reel or look up on the Penn web site) you can calculate the equivalent capacity in leadcore or copper using the reel fill calculator MS Excel spreadsheet that is in this post: http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16491

BloodRun does have a PDF document that has copper dive curves on page 1 and reel capacities on page 2. It lists the capacities for many different reels and if you know a reel that is size comparable to the 320 it should get you in the neighborhood. The BR chart uses their 30# mono for backing so if you go with 30# braid you should get 2x as much backing.

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