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Got out early and headed to the third hill setting up in 85fow heading NE and finding 52 degrees on the surface. It didn’t take long to get bit and started with a double , bow on mono Orange/dot Thin Fish and 8 color Big Al Silver/Brad’s Seahawk. We worked out to 105 then zig zagged into 90 heading north. We had steady action on trout but not many silver fish bites. I picked up the speed on DRX-10 to 2.3-2.5 trying to cover more water looking for silver but only seemed to encourage the LT. I figured I must be in a good area as there was a big influx of boats fishing the Kenosha Coho Classic.

Talked to a friend who said lots of Coho caught the previous day in 65fow off and south of Wind Point so started the rather long troll in. No bites and abandoned that plan when another call said that zone was dead today shortly after first light. Should have stayed where I was because a couple of friends really did well including some nice mature kings. Once back out more bites but mostly LT. My 2 man crew didn’t mind and enjoyed being busy with 3 doubles for the day. It was a great day to fish, that is until the winds picked up and fogged the area so the newbies got to see the lake at its best and when it’s a challenge. We set a boat record for LT boating 20 with about 8>10# and biggest at 14# came on a five color and Sa-weet Brad’s. Yup, LT love their tuna as well as a couple of bows and 2 coho going 24 for 29.

Grey Beard

Mono 50’ Orange/blk dot Thin Fish 1-2

2 color Double Crush Orange Raider 1/1

3 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 0/0 change to Brad’s Groucho 0/0

5 color Brad’s Sa-weet 1/2

8 color Big Al’s silver/Brad’s Seahawk 4/4

150 copper Big Al’s Silver/Brad’s Blue Hawaiian 4/4

Wire Dipsy 1.5 set 60-110loc smoke dodger/Seahawk 5/5

Wire Dipsy 1.5 set 60-175loc smoke dodger/Seahawk 4-5

Rigger 40-85’ white dodger/Brad’s Spotted Cow 3-4

Rigger 30-70 SWR Brad’s Shamrock 1/2


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