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Medium Heavy Ugly Stick Rigger Rods

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Pretty sure that Shakespeare discontinued the 7 1/2' model so you will need to find a tackle shop that has them left in stock. I would suggest trying Northwoods in Pinconning as they buy out discontinued stock from manufactures and/or Armstrong's Tackle in Whitehall. Northwoods has a web site, but lots of stuff in the store that is not on the site and often better prices in the store too. Not sure if a phone call to Armstrong's will work as they have so much stuff that I don't think they really know what they have. Might take some looking, but I would be surprised if they don't have some.

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I saw two barrels full of Ugly Sticks at Franks this week. You might want to call first. I was looking at the 7 footers. I think the second barrel might have been 7 1/2 footers.

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