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Lake Huron Kayak Fishing: Fall of '14

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I am not ready for winter. The open waters of Lake Huron had been teasing me this fall, showing major signs of Steelhead success. I badly wanted a day or two out of Port Sanilac with chrome rocket blasts following behind by Hobie.

We got out there a few times and there were some fish taken. Not the mayhem I was dreaming of by any means, but enough to make a slightly amusing video. Thank you to Bob for showing me how to actually get it done!

Hurry up winter, I want another shot out on my favorite waters!

Hope you enjoy while we wait for the hard water to form....


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Nice video! If you're ever in Wisconsin shoot me a pm and I'll take you out in Milwaukee.

I've seen the damage that can be done in that harbor....you dudes are so lucky!! I'd love to fish it!

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