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Traxstech downriggers

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About a year ago I purchased 4 brand new Traxstech downriggers. After using them this past season (16 days on the water) I found that I really only need 2. Most of the time I don't have enough people on the boat to run them all, so although I may regret this when the fish are 120' deep next summer :)... i'm going to sell 2. Wow, did that hurt to type.:grin: This is a rare opportunity to buy "used" Traxstech riggers.

If you are looking at upgrading your downriggers, you should seriously consider these. They are very well built and I think they are the best downriggers available.

The downriggers are in like new condition. They work great -- VERY fast and lots of cool features that are actually useful. Here is the full list:

  • Aluminum 3†swivel base with 12 position positive lock, - optional deck mount downrigger bases available
  • All aluminum frame components
  • Dual 360 degree rotational rod holders with 5 positions up and down
  • Lift & lock solid aluminum 3’ boom with optional lengths available
  • Dual roller pulley assembly on boom
  • All aluminum reel spool with 400’ of 316 stainless-steel cable
  • Liquid smooth drag system with aluminum tension knob and retainer clip on drive shaft to ensure drag system components remain intact.
  • Lighted LCD display screen with large characters for easy viewing
  • Electronic counter system for superior accuracy
  • Soft stop included in the electronic auto stop up and down feature
  • Exact depth control using the lighted military grade 16 character key pad
  • Customer programmable jig function
  • Depth memory feature
  • Tested with : 12# weight retrieved 280 Feet per minute, 14# weight retrieved 260 Feet per minute, 20# weight retrieved 200 Feet per minute
  • Full LIFETIME Warranty

Here is a video showing the features of the Traxstechs:

Here is a great video by the owner of Traxstech showing the features of the downriggers:

Additionally, the following options/upgrades are on the ones I'm selling:

  • CANRH2 rod holders -- these allow the rod holders to be mounted either in front (normal Traxstech position) or behind the spool/motor. I wanted the rods behind the spool/motor to work better in my boat. LINK
  • 4.5" high track mount swivel bases (normal is 3")
  • 4' booms (normal is 3')
  • Scotty 30amp twist lock plugs (Scotty #2127 -- LINK)
  • Heavy duty Traxstech motor/spool covers

With the options, shipping and sales tax the downriggers are $1,522 each brand new.

So I know you're thinking... HOW MUCH? $2,500 for the pair.

This is the price for pickup at my house near Lansing Michigan. Will also consider meeting in Michigan -- half way each. Will ship at actual cost to elsewhere, but these are pretty heavy and when Traxstech builds them with Loctite on the boom threads and are difficult (not impossible) to disassemble.

They have the very nice Traxstech swivel bases so you would need at least a 6" track to mount them (Traxstech, Bert's, or Cannon track will all work). Traxstech does offer a deck mount option (not included), so if you don't want the track mount swiel bases I would sell the pair for $2,400 without them.

If you are interested please email or PM me.

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