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Left the ramp at 6:00 pm and headed north to big point. Set down in 175 fow and trolled between 250 fow and 150 fow on a north troll. First fish came on a 300 copper with a spoon. Can't remember what type. An hour or so later we took another fish 60 down on a rigger with a blue spin doc with a cold steel big water meat rig. Small king. Had a rip on a slide diver out 75 with a mountain dew spin doc with a green fly but lost that fish. 2 for three. Slow fishing for the most part. One boat we talked to got 14 fish but they fished from moring til night just slowly picking away at them.

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Fished yesterday as well, started at 8am and picked up at 4pm. Stayed in 200fow to the south, very slow as we could only find 1 small area that had fish that were active. Mostly steelhead and some nice ones at that. Ended up 9 for 14.

300 copper DW Sea Sick Waddler

300 copper Casper/blue cow mt rig

200 copper Fuzzy Bear Blue Dolphin

150 copper SS Hot Lobster

150 copper MS Mace Face

2c Yeck Fireball

3c DW SS Lemon Ice

Not a hit on riggers or dipsy rods...No bait in any of the fish, 47-49 was down 30-50ft.

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corey k im pretty sure you are the guys me n my dad talked to at the end of the night. Sportcraft boat?

No we pulled lines at 4pm, that was actually a friend of mines boat. They started shortly after I did in the morning, they also had a mixed bag but also took all day.

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A pretty new report is always available at fish-ludington.com where I and other charters share with Glen in posting the current reports for our area. I'd say go south and now in-close since the wind changed again SW gusts pushing colder water inside. Best GPS was 49-52 S., and 33-34 W., before these new gusts. It was calm for 3 days previous. Good luck guys.

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