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6/12 PM

Very foggy and a bit bumpy when we started yesterday evening, plus the water was very cold – 42 outside the river water.

Planned on just working the harbor area because of the fog and took a lake trout right between the pier heads on a 100 CU and standard orange crush as I was putting in onto the board clip. Trolled out to about 40 feet and turned, came in and made a lap round the bay but nothing else.

As we came back towards the piers, the fog was lifting as so we trolled straight west. Finally we started hitting fish about 150 FOW around 9:00 pm. Finished 6-9, the rest kings 8-11 pounds.

Couple fish on wire diver with a 11” Blue Bubble paddle, Dolphin Eye Fly, standard black screwball on rigger at 70 took three, mag bloody nose Moonshine on rigger at 50 took two. Broke off a fish on the 100CU/orange crush. Boards not really firing.

6/13 AM

Started at 5:15 in the spot we finished the evening before and only had a knock off on the Screwball just after set up.

Worked south in 200 to 150 into the hole. Finally had a flurry on the NW edge working east. Had good action from about 6:30-7:45 going 7-10, six kings and a steely. Largest king was 14. Think we missed one fish after that and knocked off about 8:45.

Black was good for us this morning. Screwball at 65 took three, Black Fin Tuna at 55, Black super slim Icicle on 10 color, and Sea Sick super slim on 150 CU. Steelhead on 4 color nuke veggies. No hits on a diver this morning.

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