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Garmin Lake Maps

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Santa brought me a handheld GPS unit which I plan to use mainly when hunting the national forest. Got turned around this year while hunting and was lost for a little bit. iPhone gets no reception so I was kinda screwed.

I have the Garmin Dakota 20 I see you can buy the Garmin Lake Vision chip for it. Anyone have this chip and is it work it?

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My iPhone maps will not work without a signal or wifi connection. I checked the apple site to see if I need to change a setting and there it also related that you need a signal. I got nothing for coverage in the forest.

Must be a very old iPhone or a setting is configured wrong. All iPhones newer than the 3G have A-GPS technology built in which will use cell phone towers and WiFi instead of or to supplement GPS satellites but it is a real GPS that does not require the other signals.

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I did some more research. The iPhone 5 GPS does not need cell or WiFi to work. If the cell or WiFi is available the phone gets a quicker fix It by using the network data to triangulate approximate location and know what satellites to look for. Without cell/WiFi it can take a while to get a satellite fix.

As for showing your position on the maps, the standard maps the iPhone uses are not actually on the phone but need the cell or WiFi to get the actual map data dynamically loaded over the network. You can download maps to the phone though so that it does not need the network to show your position.

Here is alink to a good discussion of GPS on the Apple Support Forums: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4288839?start=0&tstart=0

Here is a link to a list of GPS/mapping tools/apps that can be downloaded for the iPhone: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/download/Software-Mapping-And-GPS,0702-7125.html

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