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Fished out of Montague this AM with a nice box of fish at the end of the day. Started dropping lines just before 0600 in 100' of water. After that it was a guessing game since the depth on my chart plotter went belly up. Using the Garmin Blue Chart app on my phone and previous way points, we determined we ended up fishing 150-180 the remainder of the day which was a bit outside the rest of the pack. For those who packed up at 1000 when the flies got bad and the bite went dead, you missed out. ;) At 1155 one of our fish in the low 20's hit a dipsy and took off for Wisconsin. Ten minutes in, a 300 copper took a hit. Both were landed to finish off our box for the day.:eek:

Pearl colored plugs and green/blue flies (hypnotist) took everything particularly on the 300 copper. Copper and dipsies were the only rods taking hits. Riggers were dead. North/south trolls exclusively.

We finished 10/13 with three fish over 20, the biggest being 24#.:thumb:

edit to add: Several fish had numerous alewives still sticking out of their mouths.

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