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Well it was nice to get out of Port Glasgow for some trolling today on Lake Erie. The wife and I had a very foggy drive down but glad too see no fog the last part of the trip so the lake was clear. Got out about 9:00 and pulled up around 13:30 as I has someone coming this aft to fix my A/C at home.

It was fun to have a few bows on but we where going to target Walleye for our favorite table fair. Got 3 Walleye and a couple bows. Best rod for the walleye was a 5 colour leadcore with a purple and black spoon. Wire dipsy did OK with a black spoon with ladder back 140 ft out setting 3.

I got some time to use and play with the smart troll. All Walleye where caught in 55 degree water. Surface temp was mostly 69.x with anything from 5 to 20 feet in the mid to high 60's. There was a defined temp change below 20 feet which was mostly 55 degrees. We found a few pockets of 60 degree water below 20 and usually had a hit from a bow in those areas.

I had a very interesting experience when playing with a smart troll probe on a copper line. I was letting it out 50 feet at a time and waiting for the temp and depth to display. At 15 feet I walked back to the back of the boat after checking the display at the front and started to thumb some more line out. Well it started to go out faster and faster and some ?I had burnt my thumb and could not hold the line so I let my thumb off and before I could grab the reel handle I looked up to see a bow doing air time. Unfortunately my burnt thumb with the print now scrubbed off by the copper did not set the hook and we lost that one.

All fish caught in 63 to 65 FOW straight out and to the east of port. It was a great day to get out on the water.

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