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Fishing still slow.....

Went out Friday and tried deep. Took one hit in 195 fow on 300 copper pulling a Siggs Brushed Stainless Fly with a crome blue sd, lost it half way in. at the end of the night trolled into 115 fow had a hit on a rigger 60 down pulling a Mongolian Beef, lost in at the back of the boat. Finally, cleared the skunk out at 114 fow with a 8lb coho on 7 color pulling a Lemon Ice. All hit were on a e or ne troll.

Saturday, stayed in 60 to 120 fow running a similar program. Marked some bait and fish in good temperature. Took a 7 lb steelhead on the 7 color with a Lemon Ice and a 5 lb king on the Mongolian Beef off a downrigger 60 down. Fish were taken on sw and ne trolls.

Still not a great day, but at least no black and white kitty in the box. :grin:

Hopefully the June swoon is almost over. The freezer is looking kinda empty.

Keep em' tight!

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