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Fish continue to be very scattered. We ended 3 for 5 but before you get all excited two were shakers on the line when we pulled them to leave. We released one but the other was about dead. We caught the Coho in 115 fow on a Tequila Sunrise running on 250 copper, had a hit on the same rig that we lost and had a hit on a free slider NBK with the weight down 70'. I cleaned an eater size Coho and the small King. The one we released was a Brown I think. We fished from 80 to 180 and back to 140 with little success but a lot of flies and junk in the water.

2013 Fish Count

Coho's : 4

King's : 20

Steelhead :

Laker's : 2

Brown's : 1

Total : 27

Trips : 11

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