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Made another trip to Manistee and got out of the city docks at 4:30. Set up on the bank in 160 FOW and got the first King at about 6:00 on the rigger down 110 ft with an Opti flasher and white & crinkle Big Weenie fly. At 6:30 we Denise brought in a 19 pounder on the 300 ft copper line with herring on a Big Weenie Blue Holo Glow UV HD Stinky Stinky Bait Rig Combo.

No bites after that even though we tried shallower and deeper. Other fisherman had similar experiences. The water is still cold and the fish are scattered.p><p><img src=

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Nice pics and report Al, I'm also surprised to see some Lamprey marks already in the cold water.

I snagged a lamphrey off Ludington last weekend, so yes, they're around. It took just a bit of drag on a diver rod when it snagged and was hooked mid-section when I reeled the diver in to check it. Rather large lamphrey at least the diameter of a quarter and maybe 18" long.

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