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Stationary Bobber Rig for Pier Skams

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Thought I would post this diagram I made as there was a question about pier fishing for skams in GH. This is how to set up a shrimp rig for skams on the pier. The pyramid sinker holds the bobber is place so it doesn't float into other people's lines, this is a must when it is crowded. Larger bobbers work best as they are easiest to see and the fish don't seem to be spooked by them. When a fish hits this rig you have to run over to your rod and reel like hell to catch up to the pyramid sinker and get tight to the fish. You'll want to loosen the drag on your reel when it is in the rod holder or use a bait feeder type reel, but those are not necessary if you don't already have them. I actually think it works better to have more drag pressure than a bait feeder will give as it puts pressure on the fish as it takes off and the bobber slides down the line.

Also I like 40-50 count cooked shrimp as it seems to work just as well or even better than the bigger ones that most people fish and I get more bait for my buck.


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