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The Damage That Farm Raised Salmon from Norway are doing Natural Salmon Stocks.


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This is a long video but has the details and science to show how terrible the problem is.

Heartbreaking to see how rapidly these fish farm diseases from Norway have moved into and are decimatiing wild stocks in British Columbia Rivers rivers from fish farms in BC. The video shows thousands of diseased, wild salmon dying in many spawning tributaries still full of eggs.

They also document that the fish that make it to your local market are also diseased.

Do not buy or eat farmed salmon. This is a huge issue that has been happening for the last decade, on a river that I started Salmon fishing on 20 years ago. I have also heard from friends of mine in Alaska that the Kenai River has been shut down for salmon fishing. So those beautiful 70-100 lb salmon are also dwindling in number.



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