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New Year's resolu.....

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I never do a resolution, but I do write a list of things that I want to get done for the year. Some are easy, some are life changing. Here is a list of the things I want to try to accomplish this year. As a point of reference, I left out work type stuff as it was not relevant.


Hold the 2nd annual Wooden Shoe Carp Classic

Carp fish two times a week

Catch the biggest carp I can on the lightest line

Fish and catch a 20 pound carp at 10 different venues

Catch a 30 pound carp

Learn how to troll Pike on some of the smaller local lakes

Fish Salmon more with my wife

Fish the DW charity event.

Catch and mount a 15 pound plus steelhead or a 15 pound plus brown or 25 plus pound king.

Catch a sturgeon

Catch a shark of the beach


Replace the deck

Fix the back privacy fence

Make the wife’s garden bigger

Redo the garage; add a ceiling and insulation to all the walls.

Insulation added to the attic

Get the side portion of the yard to grow grass.


No more soda (unless mixed with rum)

No fast food (Sluggo’s pizza once and a while does not count)

No energy drinks

Do pushups and sit ups every day.

Lose 30 pounds (Down from 205 to 175 by the New Years next year)

Find a hobby that is good for me.

Adopt a child

Finish my last year of College for my 4 year.

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She wont be so happy when I put her to work in the spring:) Someone needs to reel in those 400 coppers. I know it is not going to be me!

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Want a six year old? Somewhat strong willed, doesn't like boats without cabins. Pretty cute though. Comes with a 4 life time supply of stuffed animals......

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Wow Dave, thats an aggressive list! Power to you my man and best of wishes in completeing it.

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