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last trip of the year for us. we left at 3 and got caught in a storm cell about 4. Lots of lightning and it rained as hard as I've ever seen it on a boat. Nice after it passed but we only managed 1 small laker. we fished 100 to 140 and we marked more bait than I have ever seen. Ball after ball from the bottom up about 40 feet. Lots of hooks too but just couldn't get them to go. I talked with Dan Keating a couple weeks ago and he saw the trawler out doing the alewife surveys and got him on the radio and they said they were getting lots of alewifes and counts were looking very good. I also heard that Holland and Saugy were only going to get around 22k in king plants each which is down about 50+ percent from last year. Less plants and lots of bait could mean some bigger fish years with less quanity for the next few years.

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