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Pte. Mouillee Thieves

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A good friend of mine was staying at the Red Roof Inn on I-75 Monroe exit. He was set-up with a booth at the Waterfowl Festival. Got up Sun. To find his truck was broke into. The A------- took his toolbox,tent,cooler & duck calls. Also other items his wife said can't be replaced. To make things even worse, got home to find out their son took one of their Labs to the vet and he has cancer. I think he is around 9yrs. old. I know it is a long shot,but if you hear of anything like that being sold or for sale PM me. They may have written on them Kyle Fleming or marked K-Kalls. Thanks for any help. Rudey

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That sucks man.

I surely hope it was not another outdoorsman, and typically it isn't.

Most of us know the cost of the gear and respect other people's property.

I know we would NEVER even think of taking anything from anyone.

Bad Karma man...bad karma.

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