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thought about not posting todays trip because I don't think it will be of much news to anyone, or any real help, and braggin bugs me. But since I've got some nice pm's and comments at the cleaning station I will just say its all the same. 80 to 100fow 50 to the bottom, earllier the better, Mt dew SD w/ green flies and Moonshine spoons including the new Rv Series. Big kings, and even some smaller ones showing up, lots of steelhead. Heard one guy saying Jplugs were hot this am, so we put 2 out and 1 went after about 2 minutes for a 14# king. Fishing couldn't be much better so get out and get some. For the guy that fell in up to his neck trying to hold the boat this morning at PS at 4:30am, that jumped in boat and took right off, THIS BUDS FOR YOU.

Oh, this mornings count, a lot for a lot.

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